Can you tell a story in six seconds?


Social media constantly changes, updates and improves the way we communicate. It's also why our digital department at ZLRIGNITION rushes into the newest social media trend headfirst. We want to be the cool ones at the office, and know how it works. That way we can find a way to use it for our brands.

One of the latest apps we've been tinkering with is Vine. This app, operated and owned by Twitter, allows users to film and share looped six-second videos with their followers. The app works like a GIF creator. It helps you film, edit and post any kind of video you want in just a matter of seconds.

This simple concept of a six second video has really helped Vine grow. Users are showing followers how to cook. Blockbuster movies like 'Wolverine' are posting short teasers for the movie. And major brands like Taco Bell, GE and Wheat Thins are creating quick commercials.

These moving pictures are gaining speed. Softpedia reports that for the first time Twitter users made more tweets linking to Vine videos than Instagram pics, based on Topsy's Analytics.

The future of Vine seems very strong. People are not going to put this trend down any time soon. So ask us how we should use Vine with your brand.