We help companies build a foundation for the future. We’ve developed a branding process that helps organizations large and small make the right branding decisions. And we sell it to employees and the consumer through videos and creative.


Our brand planning techniques allow us to get deeper into the hearts and minds of the target audience. This helps us discover the most compelling reason why consumers support a particular brand, product, service or form of communication. It’s our Unique Brand Advantage. The insights we gather help us find actionable brand positioning strategies. These smart strategies are why we deliver great campaigns and make sure your message is in the right place.

Public Relations

Ask most agencies to document their public relations capabilities and you’ll most likely get a list of tactics. Yes, we can do that but that’s not how we operate. We follow a brand planning approach to gain a deeper understanding of opinion shapers’ perceptions of the brand and where we can have impact. In other words, we engage the messenger to help us shape stories. Get the stories told. And make sure they resonate with the audience.


We are an idea factory that delivers results. We take smart strategies and turn them into great campaigns. We design logos and websites. Create TV, radio, web banners, Google ads and print advertising. We can do it all. This moves brands forward. And helps us win national awards.

Social Media

Social media is important. And it’s rife with potholes, pitfalls, wasted dollars and no results. That’s why our social networking efforts are integrated with the brand and built on solid strategy.


Some messages are just easier to get across over video. That’s why we write, film and produce videos for our clients. We create viral, instructional, branding, documentary and training videos in-house.


Today’s world is a digital one. People are spending more and more time online. Playing. Working. And surfing. Success in this new world is all about hits, clicks, likes and visitor duration. Company websites have become the new face of the organization. It’s the viewer’s first stop for information. It’s the core of every brand and marketing campaign. That’s why we specialize in driving viewers to a website. And keeping them there. We do this by creating web banners, websites, apps, Facebook pages and other digital entities. So our clients can put the right digital foot forward.


A message is only great if someone sees it. Our media team makes sure the message reaches its audience. At the right place. The right time. Through TV, radio, print and digital placement. So it will deliver results. ZLRIGNITION has historically purchased more media within Iowa than any other agency. We leverage our purchasing strength to make sure the message is delivered with great efficiency and cost efficiency.

Content Marketing

Strategic content marketing is an effective way to interrupt, engage and develop brand affinity among target audiences. Mapping out the various digital and physical touch points and delivering the right message, at the right time, in the right format takes a focused and complete content strategy plan. With a strong brand platform established our team creates and curates share-worthy branded content that reaches your core audiences, increases online buzz, drives website traffic and most importantly, ignites valuable engagement.