Health care from every angle

Our health care specialty has become so well-rounded, it may not even look like a specialty. Sure we have hospital experience. But we also have experience transforming a hospital-centric system into a family physician-led model of care. We’ve created campaigns for health insurance brands. Promotion of wellness. Immunization drives. Electronic medical records. Rebranding a health data company. Even developing communications for a health care communications company.

Along the way, we’ve grappled with a host of issues with our health care clients, like population management. Like care coordination. Like self-funded health care. And since our client list is well-rounded, our perspective has been too, since each issue effects our clients differently.

We’ve been able to attract such a diverse health care client list because of our original specialty—using a proprietary brand planning process to gain a deeper and more emotional understanding of the audience.

The world of health care has changed. Our process has helped a wide range of clients to change with it. And turn change to their advantage.

Healthcare Infographic