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The Work

The Challenge

The organization’s branding efforts had been decentralized and hospital based. The new brand needed the consensus of hospitals, clinics and home care to move forward. The branding was as much about the organization change as it was about the marketing.

The Smart

ZLRIGNITION developed a research-based process to help guide the organization through the rebranding process. It provided insight from the consumer and internal audiences across Iowa and Illinois.

The Bold

The name, UnityPoint Health, was developed to communicate that the organization surrounded patients with care. The coordination of care between doctors, hospitals and home care will help patients become healthier.

"Within 6 months after the launch, many executives said the rebranding was the best thing we did to create a connection with our hospitals and consumers."
– Dr. Alan Kaplan Executive Vice President, UnityPoint Health and President & CEO, UnityPoint Clinic

The Results

The brand promise made UnityPoint Health more attractive

While follow-up research remains too proprietary for web publication, we can tell you that unaided awareness after a 12-week campaign was extremely high and that the brand promise made UnityPoint Health a more attractive health care provider. Bill Leaver, CEO of UnityPoint Health, said that one of his biggest "A-ha" moments came when he experienced how unifying this new brand was to a 24,000 employee organization.