Content is king, but video reigns supreme

There’s nothing quite like the art of storytelling in a visual medium.

When you want to communicate emotion or humor or illustrate a complex idea, video is often the most effective way to do it. For the last several years ZLRIGNITION has been helping our clients create short, dynamic videos that enhance their web content or enliven trainings and conferences. With a videographer/animator and a former reporter on staff, ZLRIGNITION can help you simplify and sell your key messages in a compelling way.

Last month a team of five traveled across the Midwest, collecting video, audio and most importantly great stories to help our client UnityPoint Health illustrate the importance of coordinated care. When these videos were unveiled at the organization’s Leadership Symposium, each person in attendance understood the level of care being provided and the positive impact this has on their patients.



Compelling, right? To see all nine videos in this series, visit

Text is great. Photographs are even better. But when you’re launching a new initiative, offering training at a conference or making your social media content more engaging, video reigns supreme. Partner with ZLRIGNITION to take your stories to the next level.