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The Work

UnityPoint Health

Iowa Health System was expanding outside of Iowa, while at the same time developing a model of coordinated care that would fundamentally change their organization.

As a first step in rebranding, we conducted extensive research to help us develop a brand promise that connected with patients on an emotional level. The name too should come out of the brand promise.

“UnityPoint Health” did exactly that. “Unity” since they work together as a team. “Point” because the point of everything they do is the patient.

We worked with the client to develop an internal campaign to prepare the organization for the new brand. And we developed a launch campaign to consumers that included television, print, radio, outdoor and digital that reached patients across ten regions in two states.

Unity Point Health

Catch Des Moines

People who visit Des Moines often know how it has changed over the years into a fun, exciting city. Other people? Their image is frozen in time. Probably stuck somewhere back in the '90s.

Our task was to rebrand Des Moines, capturing its creative energy and cultural vibe, while also differentiating it from other cities. Namely, that Des Moines is safe, affordable, easy to get around, easy to get a table, easy to pack more experiences into your stay here.

"Catch Des Moines" was born. Because here it's easy to catch a play. Catch a ballgame. Catch an art gallery. Catch live blues. In other words, it's easy to catch moments you'll always remember.

Catch Des Moines

Des Moines Performing Arts

For years, audiences knew the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines as an amazing venue for national-touring Broadway shows. What they didn't understand was that the Civic Center was more than a building. It was an organization dedicated to upping the performing arts game in Des Moines. They were bringing a wide variety of live performances to the Temple Theater and Stoner Theater, with plans to expand even further.

Our goal was to rename the organization, communicate its larger mission, and retain the equity of the Civic Center name – all while making this change easy for patrons, donors and stakeholders to understand.

We did research to guide us as we developed a new name, a logo, naming architecture for the various venues – and wrote a brand manifesto that captured the impact Des Moines Performing Arts has had on the city. On the culture. On the creative economy. Most important, on the audiences' lives themselves.

Des Moines Performing Arts


Iowa Foundation for Medical Care needed a new name that reflected the fact that they had expanded outside of Iowa, as well as one that better represented their company's mission.

Problem was – their work was so highly specialized, no one could quite answer what the company's mission was.

Through research we helped put the pieces together, identifying that they uniquely combine clinical expertise and information technology to improve quality and reduce the cost of healthcare. In other words, they were in the business of providing "healthcare intelligence."

This insight led to the new name Telligen, as well as a new logo, a comprehensive website and a brand manifesto that helped everyone in the organization understand what the company's mission was – and how each of them can contribute to their success and become a more cohesive organization.

Telligen branding

Iowa Public Radio

Iowa Public Radio faced a big change. They had been a decentralized organization of independently run radio stations, identified by their call letters. For business reasons, IPR was reorganizing all these stations into three streams, each with standardized programming. They needed to make this change easy for their listeners to understand and as seamless as possible.

We developed a logo for IPR, a naming architecture and a color system to differentiate each stream. We created a brand manifesto that helped the formerly independent stations understand what the overall brand stood for, what it was that made their listeners so passionate about them – and gave the disparate internal audiences a mission to rally around.

Part of what makes listeners love IPR is that they develop a strong affinity with the program hosts. So we based the initial ad campaign around these "experts," making them the face of the new brand.

Iowa Public Radio 1
Iowa Public Radio 2