Intelligent health care meets smart branding

Demystifying a brand.

What happens when your company’s work is so highly specialized that no one quite knows what you do? It makes it hard to communicate to your audiences, both internally and externally. When the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care came to us in need of a new name, we knew what we had to do first — demystify the work they do.


Through in-depth research, we first helped define what their organization did as a whole — uniquely combine clinical expertise and analytics to improve health care quality while reducing cost. In other words, they were in the business of providing “health care intelligence.” These insights led to a new name — Telligen.

Telligen logo

Next came a new brand identity, logo design and comprehensive website. We also wrote a brand manifesto to help everyone in the organization understand what the company's mission was — and how each of them can contribute to their success and help Telligen become a more cohesive organization.


It was branding intelligence at its finest.