Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau
World’s Worst Combos

Capturing attention through memorable creative.


Everyone knows the dangers of drunk driving. But throughout the years, not much emphasis has been placed on how dangerous drugged driving is. With the first medical marijuana dispensaries opening and the continued opioid epidemic, the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau asked ZLR to help them educate the public on the dangers of drugged driving.


Knowing our demographic (those in their mid-to-late 20s) doesn’t shy away from humor, we came up with the concept of “The World’s Worst Combos.” This way we could get across the dangers of mixing things that shouldn’t be mixed – in a memorable way. Like chain sawing while blind folded. Performing surgery on roller skates. And, of course, driving while high.


After alcohol, marijuana is the drug found most often in the blood of drivers involved in crashes. So, we made sure our campaign ran over April 20 (4/20) — the date typically noted as a celebration of recreational drug use. While the creative was humorous, it still got across the important message that, “If you feel different, you drive different.”


Added value for the client totaled 104,220 impressions valued at $2,245.